Ride Report is an app that lets you vote with your ride

Ride Report is a new app for people who ride bikes for fun, fitness or transportation. It’s the perfect app for logging your daily errands and commutes, because unlike other apps you don’t have to press a start button or even launch the app. Instead, you just hop on your bike. Ride Report intelligently detects your trip and starts logging automatically. Right after you finish your ride, the app reports to your lock screen with your distance, weather and other stats. It even rewards you with trophies for doing new things with your bike – whether it is hauling groceries, biking in the rain, climbing a big hill or riding multiple days in a row.

Best of all, using Ride Report helps build an anonymous, crowd-sourced database that cities can use to build better bike facilities. Have a bad experience? Report it right from your lock screen with a single tap, straight to your city's DOT. This data also helps other riders find the best bike routes via the Ride Report Stress Map. Ride Report began in partnership with the City of Portland last fall and has logged nearly 100,000 bike trips so far. Starting this summer, Ride Report is partnering with several other major US cities to bring provide better data and tools to planners.

Ride Report was created by Portland-based Knock Software, a self-funded startup whose mission is to use technology to make biking safer and more fun for everyone. The app is free and available on Ride Report's website, www.ride.report.

For more information, email press@ride.report.

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